Friday, 4 February 2011

Love You Much My Littlest

A while back I made a gift set which I thought would do for my Hubby for Valentine's day. I changed my mind! I decided anything with pink was way too girlie and more something I'd like so I have made a new set and tried to make it as butch as possible! If you like it, pop back tomorrow as I'll have the class instructions available by then in my side bar.

Here is what inspired me to make this set:

I bought Hubs this packet of chocolates and although I know he'll love the contents, I know he won't be that taken with the pretty packaging, so intending to change just that I ended up getting carried away and decorating a coffee cup, making a small treat box, creating a gift card holder, a gift tag and of course the main card too.

I haven't used the Love You Much stamp set in ages as it's not brand spanking new, sometimes it's nice to get out the older sets and have a play. Here's the inside of the gift card holder (minus a suitable gift card at the moment!).

Now although this next photo has absolutely nothing to do with the gift set,  I do love my littlest very much and promised my brother I'd show him a photo of him here is Blake just before we left this morning to go and collect Zac from pre-school:

We ended up going in the car as it's so windy today and I didn't fancy trying to push the buggie against the wind whilst holding Zac's hand too!

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  1. Blake is sooooo cute! Love that little hat! Your set is fab as usual! I don't know how you do it GF!

  2. Gorgeous projects - I'm sure he'll LOVE them
    Julie x

  3. Striking Victoria the black and red together is so perfect for valentines day
    And you babe looks a little cuddle bug all wrapped up


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