Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Sewing for Christmas

Today I'd like to share with you some of the festive sewing I've been up to. I have to admit to being like a kid in a sweet shop and getting very excited about Christmas - even more so now that Zac and Blake are at an age where it's just magical for them. I can't wait to see their little faces when they meet Santa this year - more about that after the event though!

I found some gorgeous Christmas fabrics this year and made up all sorts of things - too much to share in just one post so for today it's about a few decorations. At a recent event I attended I set up my tree with just Christmas heart decorations I'd made, I took the photo before switching on my pretty lights - boo hiss. It was such a beautiful setting too - inside a church.


Here are a selection of some of the decorations I've made...Santa hats, trees, owls and Robins too.

 If you like these - they are all available to buy and order too and more details are available on my 

I also made a few cute Christmas Owl cushions too:


I am so going to have to make another one now as Zac wants one to snuggle up to! 
Pop by tomorrow when I'll share some festive paper craft projects with you.


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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Craft Fair and Scentsy Display Idea

Oh my giddy aunt - have I really gone for a whole month without one single blog post? Oops, my bad. I promise to do better, in the meantime why not pop over and visit my Facebook page which I do update rather a lot....

Anyhoo, back to the blog. Recently I've attended lots of craft fairs and have been asked by fellow stallholders and attendees alike how I made by display. So I thought it would be nice to share it here with you. Firstly here's how my set up stand looks with all my fabric goodies:


Using the same stuff at another event here is my Scentsy stall:


I've tried loads of ideas to add height to my stalls without almost breaking my back to get it there - including book shelves, shoe racks and these just work out the best things for me and they fold to store too. Bonus! So, where from and how to get them looking like this:


They are small step ladders from ...Ikea. Here are the various stages of putting them together. Starting with me having more tuts than an episode of Skippy assembling them. Jelly and flat pack are not a good combination, even when I steal tools from The Spark to help me. I sat on the kitchen floor for quite a while and was amazed to have no extra bits left over - that NEVER happens!

Next I relocated to the kids playroom - for fear of splashing paint on my shiny white kitchen units or the floor and getting into more trouble than you can shake a stick at. Kids rug upside down plus cut open bin liners seemed a safe enough option. Then on with the paint - upside down to start.

I will admit to wanting to do things quickly and I was very tempted to use chalk paint to do these. Thing is I have a bit of an issue touching anything that feels chalky - it goes 'through me' and so I opted for this stuff instead as it has a silky smooth feel to it and still goes on to wood without having to prime or use undercoat. In fact - look in the background of the photo and you'll see the boys table and chairs painted with the same stuff. No need to waste left over paint (I've even done my desk with it!).

Is this post as much fun as watching paint dry? A Minion appears to have lost the will to live......

Fast forward to finished!

Now they are done, they've had loads of use already and they didn't cost a fortune, they fold flat, they work for both my businesses and every home needs ladders right?

Victoria x
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