Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Man room and make and takes

This is probably going to make you giggle. Whenever I have a class at home in the evening or a party I have to turf Hubby out of our living / dining room and re-house him to my room of craft. Not something I'm fond of doing, especially when it still looks like this this morning!

So my room of craft has been transformed in to 'The Male Room'! Nice empty tinnies left out for me to clear away as well as the X-Box!!! His excuse was if he brought the empty tins down last night he might have woken the kids up. I think not Hubby with the noise we were making downstairs! So WOYWWers - not the normal desk from me, so if you're a nosey crafter, hop on over to Julia's blog to see what's on everyone else's desks today!

Anyway, whilst Hubby was getting way too comfy in there for my liking, I was hosting my own Stampin' Up! workshop downstairs, showing off the gorgeous Bliss stamp set amongst others and here are some of the Make and Take cards the ladies made, can you guess which one is mine?

Not the best quality pic but there was no natural light at 9.30 last night! Was a great workshop thank ladies. Back tomorrow to show you the demo project I made.

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  1. Oh, poor hubby! At least he had somewhere to go... Love the cards, so you must have all had a good time.

  2. Looks like everyone had a fab night :-)
    A x

  3. Great space for the man in your life and love the cards. You were right it made me giggle. :)

    Thank you for sharing and have a great Woyww!


  4. Giggle,giggle... funny your DH transformed your craft room,and so willing too! Beautiful cards!

  5. Well - he could start crafting - what would you prefer??? Great pink and brown tones there - lovely...
    Sarah (sasa)

  6. adorable cards..I don't like it when DH gets near my craft table either. 120

  7. Very nice cards hope you gals had fun downstairs whilst the hubby was confined to the upper regions. I think you are awesome letting him in your craft room. My DH even heads that direction I redirect asap! Thanks for letting us snoop!

  8. Those cards you all made look great :)
    Shaz #133

  9. Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hugs, Marjo #7 Happy WOYWW

  10. What a sweet hubby! Happy WOYWW Victoria!

  11. Those cards are really pretty. I would guess that yours is probaly the one at the back, as you were too busy helping others with theirs. the butterflies and flowers are lovely. My husband is welcome in my craft room any time. After all, he built it for me.

  12. Ooh - a desk invader has struck - send him to the pub next time...


  13. Great story. I don't know if I could let a man take over my craft space. You are brave. ;)

    Happy WOYWW!!
    CaroleB #135

  14. My DH would rather die than set foot in my craft room LOL. Lovely cards.
    Tertia 137


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