Monday, 1 February 2016

Fabric Bunting with owls

Can I be really obvious to anyone reading this just as I've posted it in the UK? 
Blimey - it's windy out there isn't it? Just on the off chance you don't have windows or eyes and ears, that sort of thing. No doubt social media will be filled with discussions on the strong winds soon.

Righty ho, fabric bunting time. See I told you I had loads to share with you. Ooh, also I am mid changing my logo, blog and opening an online shop so I'm a little super excited about all that.

I have got to stop bouncing from one subject to the next, it's like reading three books at the same time. Back to bunting (great book title eh?).

This is what my standard length bunting looks like packaged up and ready to post. 


Bunting lounging around, chilling out ready to be used:


Nice, neat and laid out for its photo debut:


Neat and straight for those who can't stand lopsided or angled photographs:


I can't hang around, I have Zac off school poorly today. It didn't stop my lovely friend Louise over at Stampin Delight calling in for a visit. Cor, we had so much to chat about and so many ideas to share too. We need a week together!

That's me for today.
Have fun
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  1. I know ... we should defo look to arrange a weekend crop away together too. Loved that last year and will give us time to do project life ... thinking a nice country cottage somewhere, with vino and yummy food!


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