Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Fabric House Doorstop and Ladder Stitch Tutorial

Today I would simply like to stick my tongue out to the British weather and pull faces at it!
 But I'm a grown up so I probably shouldn't set bad examples for my children, one of whom is snuggled down on the sofa a little bit poorly.

So let's ignore the wind and the rain and enjoy a spot of creativity. I'm ready to share the project I gave you a sneak peek of yesterday. A fabric house doorstop:


I'm kind of in love with it! It stands about 9" high and 7.5" wide and the fabrics are just so scrummie.
Here are a few different angles.


I'll be selling these at events and fairs for £20. If you'd like to order one and have it posted, the cost of postage via My Hermes will be £5.28 due to it weighing 3 kilogrammes.

I can make them in different fabrics and colours and will be doing Christmas gingerbread house style ones soon too.

I've been asked a few times how I close up the seams neatly on my sewing projects so I thought I might as well help you out there.

I use a hand stitch called 'ladder stitch' or 'invisible stitch'. The first few times can be a little tricky but persevere and it gets much easier I promise.

I hope these photos help to explain it - The large photo on the left shows the seam after I've stitched it - the others show how to fold in your fabric and pin it in place. Sew straight from the front edge to the back - keeping your needle beneath the top edge of the fabric. Then pop your needle diagonally toward the front edge and bring through on the edge of your fabric. If your needle pops through below the edge you will see the stitch. Pull tightly to close after a couple of stitches.


Hope that helps some of you. If you'd like to order any of my fabric makes or kits to make yourself, please email me at:

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Joining Scentsy in October

One day two posts - I know!

But this one is really good fun and tells you more about Scentsy Electric Warmers and how you can become a consultant too.


So what is Scentsy exactly? Check me out (actually don't - it's a bad photo) with some Scentsy goodies. We have a range of Electric Warmers, Fragrance Wax Bars, Buddies and bath and body products too.

Scentsy electric warmers are an alternative to candles. They use a heating element to slowly melt specially formulated wax, enhancing your home with more than 80 Scentsy fragrances safely, with no flame, smoke or soot.


You simply choose a warmer, plug it in, add a cube of wax and enjoy!


When I discovered Scentsy I also found I could still enjoy perfect scents in my home without having to think about my very mischievous twosome toppling over a candle or burning themselves. One less thing to worry about.

Being a Mum to two boys with a hubby who's an electrician and always coming home mucky, I do worry about how my house smells. I am always jealous of kids who walk by smelling of freshly washed linen and don't get why I can't get my kids to smell like that.

Luckily for me - my house does smell like that, people often pop round and ask how I get my washing to smell so fresh. Well my secret is a Scentsy warmer in my hallway filling my home with the fragrance of white florals, a touch of spring - the scent of fresh laundry. OK so it's a Scentsy Clean Breeze wax bar but they don't have to know that do they? Or do they?


Having a 'job' I can do in my own time, working the hours I want to work around my family is just perfect. My friends and family instantly loved the Scentsy range too and are fast becoming my best customers (as well as myself of course).

If you're looking for something NEW you can do to fit in with your life and your needs, why not drop me a line and we can have a no pressure chat about you becoming a Scentsy Consultant too?
 I have my own sewing business as well as running a household and being 'Mum' and if I can do it - anyone can.
There's no better time to enrol as a Scentsy consultant than October. The perks are too good to miss and at just £94 including postage it's amazing.

In your Rocktober Starter Kit worth £230 you'll find everything you need to kick start your Scentsy business including a premium warmer, wax party testers, wax bars, bath and body products, catalogues, order forms, business kit 

PLUS during Rocktober:
As well as your standard starter kit you'll receive an additional 30 mini party testers PLUS a Scentsy family store promotional bag. The mini testers will help you on your way to handing out basket parties and the bag is just perfect for that!
If you fancy an extra pay day or two before Christmas, drop me an email at:
or hurry over to my website to find out more and join in the fun:

Don't worry - clicking the link won't instantly lead you to enrolling - you can read through all the information first!


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New Home Card and a Sneak Peek too!

Let's just pretend we blinked and missed the last four weeks and I've been here all along! 
Moving on swiftly then........

I've spent the last few days helping my Mum in Law move house, it's so exciting as she is now literally 2 mins walk around the corner. The mini beasts are thrilled as Granny isn't just close by - she lives next door to the park and a minute walk from their school too. The move was an experience for many reasons, emotional as she needed to move after my Dad in Law passed away leaving the house way too big for her and also my husband was born in the house and grew up there, I lived there too! We had a loft conversion built above the house and had many happy years there - until Zac came along and we had to move out and find somewhere bigger.

Anyhoo, a new home requires a new home card right? If found my desk folks and on there I found ink, papers and stamps - bonus!


Stampin' Up! fans be happy - I've used mainly SU products on here. Actually everything with the exception oft he house and main sentiment stamp are from Stampin' Up! See you can take the girl away from Stampin' Up! but......

The other stamps were freebies off the front of a magazine - I know, cheeky eh? I did have to adapt the card, it only had the new home sentiment on it to start with but then disaster struck and the removal chap with his van didn't turn up. I turned all detective like and tracked him down and he turned up oodles of hours too late - so by the time we'd got her moved in to her new abode it was late and dark. So a quick addition of the Project life sentiment above was needed. Actually I think it completes the card, it was missing a little something.

Here are some close ups for you detail junkies:


Now then, as you know I'm also sharing here my passion for fabric and sewing and on the 'house' theme here's a little glimpse at a project I've not quite finished yet....


Hopefully I'll find time to finish it later today and be able to share it tomorrow. to see more of my day to day stuff and creations, why not have a look and a like of my new crafty Facebook page?

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