Thursday, 4 June 2015

Adorable Fabric Beach Huts

There is nothing quite like a bright sunny day to put me in the bestest of moods. 

Quite literally I saw the sun peeking at me from behind the blackout blind from my bed this morning (there's a slight tear in one corner!) and I jumped out of bed, happy as heck to start my day.

OK that's an outright fib, I would NEVER jump out of bed full of happy. I'm a morning person yes most definitely but I do tend to drag myself out of my box of a morning and require a coffee (usually made by The Spark) to wake me up whilst my eyes adjust to being open. That said, sometimes a small child diving on me demanding breakfast also does the trick - bet you know that feeling if you have kids?

So sunny it is and that means......outdoor photos. Fear not, I mean photos of my creations not photos of my unkempt back garden.

Want to see?


What do you think? Do they make you all smiley and happy too or am I asking too much? I really enjoyed making these, all the different colours and patterns, free machining which I don't think I've done since my textiles course at university - I was even talking to my Mum about that yesterday.

Here's a close up of the three on the right. I added little birds and button door knobs complete with bobble trim along the roof edges.


I id at one point contemplate adding a surf board leaning against the wall but I tried and it looked a bit like a demented banana so I scrapped that idea straight away.


If you like these, they are available to order at £4.50 each plus postage (UK only). 

Righto I'm off to sew more happy.
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