Saturday, 23 January 2016

Thank You Cards from the Boys

Do you know I did try to blog yesterday. I installed the Blogger app on my S6 and tried to blog from my mobile. Unsuccessfully as it wouldn't load up any photos from my phone. Never mind - if you have any ideas on how to blog on Blogger from your android device please let me know.

So this week I realised the Mini beasts hadn't yet sent their thank you messages out and erm, Christmas is a while ago now. SO better late than never right?

With the price of posting cards these days I didn't want to buy the cards too - especially not when I have a craft room and stash to make me own. I didn't have tons of time however and so yet again I opted for the digital version and my trustee printer. 

Want to see?


I had this sheet of robot elements that I got a while back from Sweet Shoppe Designs, great if you are a digi scrapbooker and for Project Life, calendars and all sorts. 
Anyway - all I did was create a 4" x 8" template in MS Word (yes I'm that far behind everyone else in the technological world) and added the image before printing. I've got a stash of pre scored 4" square cards so about time I started to use them up.

Here's a close up:


I thought the image was so appropriate as The Hubby and I spent most of Christmas Day helping the boys to build and assemble their gifts once they'd torn through them like a plague of locusts.

I had this design too:


Luckily we had the foresight to stock up on various types of batteries prior to the Bi Day so we weren't met with tears or tantrums. Not from the kids anyway, maybe from me whilst cooking the Turkey!


My next trick is to get the boys to sit down and write their messages!

Wish me luck
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  1. Vic the blogger app doesn't always load photos well enyway. They are always the incorrect size!

  2. PS< please correct my spelling! Pressed send before I noticed|!!!


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