Sunday, 17 January 2016

Fun and Simple Cards in a Hurry

I am the worlds worst at keeping handmade cards that I need for myself in stock. So I am pleased to have enough stash to hand to whip a few up in a hurry when I need to. And when I say in a hurry I mean like post in 15 minutes!

That's when these Fellas came in very handy:


I got them last year for £3 each pack in our local TK MAXX shop.  Funny thing was I got them home and realised the middle section of cards was missing from the birthday one. Imagine my delight when I returned just after Christmas and found the missing cards some months later! I had a right job explaining it to the staff on the checkout but they took my word for it and let me have them.

Anyway, I digress, here are my cards in a hurry. They are both for two of my nephews Evan and Gil who share the same Birthday, just a day before Zac. Hence me not having any cards ready, I was too busy creating a Minecraft cake and party - more about that another time.

First one. Simple 6x6" Kraft card base with the Journalling card stuck on front.


 And again for the second one.


Both together:

I hope my photographs are OK. They are all being taken on my phone at the moment due to slightly tipsy error last year when I ended up popping my SD card from my camera in the wrong slot in the side of the TV for it never to be seen again. Hubby will not let me attempt to take the back of said TV to try and retrieve my card - boo hiss!

Catch you soon

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