Friday, 27 March 2015

Floral Tote Bag with Zip Fastening

Friday already? There aren't enough days in my sewing week!

On my last post I shared with you a craft or general fabric storage caddie I'd made and after posting it on my Facebook page, I was challenged to make a bag using the same fabrics.

So, I couldn't find a pattern exactly suitable anywhere so I read lots and then designed my own. It needed to be big - big enough for me to use to carry my stash and project life stuff around in or to store extra clothes, toys, books and the rest of the house when I'm out and about with the boys as they always seem to be needing something that I couldn't fit in my bag.

Want to see? Ta-da:


Yum colours and pattern I think with cute little birds, butterflies and flowers too. I found straps and ribbon trim to match which gave me a happy moment or two I can tell you! I've named it the Jelly Tote.

Now whilst I like my bags big and this one measures about 16" across the top and 14" high, I also like my bags to zip up as I'm always tipping stuff out or wondering if someone is going to pop their hand inside and help themselves to the contents. I'm such a trusting soul (not). So I popped a recessed zip inside with fabric to match the outside.


The bag is fully lined and also has a lined matching pocket too, along with a sturdy reinforced plastic base to hold the bags shape - and it's contents.


I'm making these to order now at £25 plus postage. Only to the UK. If you'd like to order one, please drop me an email at:
or visit my Facebook page and send me a message.

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  1. Oh I love this, Victoria - I have seen that fabric in the plastic coated version and have been tempted to buy it to add to my collection - but I think I should actually use some of the stuff I already have and get back to bag making.


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