Sunday, 8 March 2015

Making Minecraft Inspired Costumes

Morning peeps, hope you're having a lovely Sunday?
 I'm relaxing in the room of craft whilst Blake sprawls on the floor next to me playing a game. I was up with him most of the night as he had a fever and of course just like a typical child he seems fine again now and full of beans! Zac is out with The Spark spending the pocket money he's been saving for a game he wanted so that's both boys content.

During teh school half term break a few weeks ago, I'd planned lots of activities to do with Masters' Sew n So and one of them was inspired by their favourite X-box game of the moment Minecraft. Wow, have you seen how expensive toys and accessories for this are and also how hard they are to get hold of? They had seen Minecraft cardboard dress up heads and there was no way I was paying £10 to £15 each for one so I had a good search on 'tinterweb and found a fantastic and free download and tutorial to make them ourselves.

Here's the finished result. I think the dudes look totally cool as Creeper and Steve!


The download and tutorial couldn't be simpler (although I printed onto UK A4 card and set printer to border-less or they would have been a bit small). All it took was five pieces of card per head and some glue.


Couldn't have been easier to piece together either.




Luckily for me the boys had matching tops in their wardrobe, although I did have to turn Zac's (the blue one) inside out as it had printed image on the front:


We made matching foam swords later on but that's for another day.

If you want to have a go you can find the downloads and tutorial HERE. He has about every Minecraft character going, great stuff.

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