Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Fabric Hearts - The Girlie Collection

I'm trying to concentrate on sewing and blogging and crafting, you know as well as juggling housework, the kids etc and do you know what? The Spark is off work poorly, we're on day 3 now and I feel I should be spending less time doing my stuff and more time being Nurse Jelly!!! He's not often under the weather and I'm hoping he gets better really quickly, also kinda hope he doesn't share his germs with me as I'm off the the Hobbycraft show at the NEC on Friday and I want to be fighting fit ha ha!

I've been busy in the Room of Craft and have created a new range of fabric hearts, I'm calling these The Girlie Collection because quite frankly, that's what they are. Do you want to see?



 I do like a bit of girlie stuff about the place, mainly to distract me from all the BOY stuff about the place! One day I will insist we have pink towels in the bathroom. Well a girl can dream eh?

Here's one for all you Shoe Queens:


Or cake fans (Nom, nom):


One for a friend who loves shoes as much as you:


Figured I had better show you the back too! Oh and here is one for you cake fans in pink to make it uber girlie:


 And of course the shoes again but in pink too:


I can make these to order with wording of your choice and they are only £4.50 plus postage (UK only).

You can order by popping by my Facebook Page or emailing me at:

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