Friday, 13 March 2015

Mother's Day Cards....vintage style

So this morning after spending much time transforming the boys ready for Crazy Hair Day at school in aid of Comic Relief I almost, and I say almost; thought I wouldn't have time to make any Mother's Day cards and that I'd have to nip out and buy some.

Then I remembered, I have loads of card making stuff - doh! Plus nipping out to buy cards would take more time than actually making them. So, I shoved gently moved the sewing machine out of the way and got my paper crafting mojo on.



I used some Kraft cards and envelopes I had lying around the place, dejected and ignored since my pre- Christmas rush (!) so figured they'd be a good start. Then I surfed over to one of my favourite digital image shops Pink Petticoat and popped a few items in The Sparks basket (the joys of having access to his paypal account). 

I got the very delicate Amelie paper collection and printed one of the designs onto white linen card. Then I used the Lovely Mum sentiments and printed on another sheet over the pretty floral design.

A bit of cutting and layering and additions of doilies, washi tape and too cute wooden domes and I was done. But then I felt the need to doodle so added some dots and dashes round the edges 'cos that's the way I roll.


I made three...Mum, Step Mum, Mum in Law. See - was worth popping things in The Spark's basket as now he doesn't need to buy a card for his Mum. One good turn and all that.


And just because I think these are so pretty here's another close up:


Did you want to see Zac and Blake with their crazy hair? Do you? Please say you do as I feel an overwhelming desire to blast you with them anyway...

Wonder what the bath water is going to look like later....

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