Thursday, 12 March 2015

Easter Bunny Egg Cosy

Ooh it's nearly 'Egg Day' as my boys would put it! I have of course secretly squirrelled away their chocolate based goodies, obviously so that it's a surprise fort hem, but more to prevent me from scoffing the lot!

A slight alternative Easter Gift to share with you today....the sort that covers either a boiled egg or indeed a chocolate one and i know which I'd prefer under my cosy. Yes of course it's an egg cosy.


Nicely padded out with wadding in between the layers so that if you do prefer boiled to chocolate, well it's going to stay hot whilst you cut your toast into regimental soldiers of course. Cor that's made me peckish now, I might have to boil one up for my lunch.

Of course these are available to order too, currently from my FACEBOOK PAGE whilst I'm working on my on-line shop.

Must dash, lots of heart orders to get working on today.

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