Sunday, 10 May 2015

Yoo-Hoo is anyone still here?

Blimey talk about blog neglect! How long?

So, I won't bore you to death with tales of woe, illness and holiday and stuff,  so instead:

GOOD MORNING, how are you today? I  missed you too xxx

Thought being as I'm here we could catch up, have a goss, maybe a cuppa and then I'd share some of the fun stuff I've been up to....sound like a plan? Right then, grab your cuppa, pull up a pew and pop your paws up, let's carry on.

So since we last chatted I have indeed been busy with all sorts of stuff, yes a bit off colour but all good now, family holiday - so sorry couldn't invite you along, would have been a bit pricey to squeeze you in with us and the boys, a bit of home DIY and re-arranging, much sewing, planning to change the garden and at last a craft fair this year.

Want to see what my stall looked like? Going to show you anyway:


It wasn't the busiest event but it was nice to get out and chat with other folks making their own stuff too and to see some happy familiar faces too. I had more fun as my Mum in Law came along to help, we looked a right pair in totally unplanned matching outfits. Cue selphie:

Shame neither of us could work out where to look. Still we had such a giggle and then afterwards we went out for a family tea with the dudes and The Spark (who sat in the small space in the back of the car between the booster seats, one coin toss I was more than delighted to win).

We ate at a pub with this view from our table:

The place has an indoor soft play centre so the boys had an hour of chaos and mayhem whilst we had a quiet glass of wine and then they came back!

Afterwards we felt we needed some fresh air and a walk to make up for the total over eating sesh we'd just had. We spotted these gorgeous cows and attempted to get Blake close enough to one for a photo, do you know it was as easy as pinning soup to the wall!

See, he's all blurred!

Maybe that could be blamed on the Pinot Grigio. Oh and that was me that drank that, Blake was good and stuck to fruit juice! 

On the drive home (I was NOT driving may I add) we were a little bit naughty and I think it was me that decided we should play the 'beep the horn and wave madly at strangers game'. You know the one where some poor soul is having an innocent walk and then some random drives by, beeps the horn and waves madly at you? 
Well I just love seeing how many people smile and wave back and I mean really enthusiastically, it's as if they actually know you and are thrilled you made the effort to beep and wave at them.
 After I've recovered from my wheezing, crying laughing fit I do wonder if even for a fleeting second that they thought they knew us. I mean what would be your natural reaction - would you wave back smiling and happy thinking someone you knew was waving a little love your way or would you scorn our efforts?
I can tell you - everyone smiled and waved.

I woke up this morning laughing thinking about it! So if you were one who waved back, thanks so much for making me laugh til I cried.

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  1. I've missed you Victoria. The stall looks wonderful I particularly like the bags - is the fabric on the top left bag Dashwood Studios I wonder. Loving the elephants too. Good to see you back
    Sharon x

    1. Hi lovely - yes it's Dashwood, the pink is from a different collection but I liked them together! xxx


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