Sunday, 31 May 2015

Stampin' Up! Team Gift Jute Bags

Noo - it's the last day of the half term holidays which means I don't just have to get up in the mornings and do my own thing, I have to get up, get me and the boys ready for 7.50am to get to breakfast club. 

I was going to spend most of today catching up on some Project Life but instead I find myself sorting more of my fabric scraps - more of that another day however as I can't share mid sort as I'm kind of motivating myself to continue to take 'sorted and organised' photos!

Instead today I'm going to share with you some gifts I made for my old Stampin' Up! down-line Louise to give to her team-mates at a recent Stampin' Up! event - old as in used to be down-line not like 70 years old and old as in I no longer do Stampin' Up! she explained trying not to complicate matters. I'm no longer a Stampin' Up! demonstrator ...Louise most definitely is.


I am in love with the pink and white sides of these gorgeous jute bags. Louise ordered them off me and gave me the fonts she wanted me to use and left the design to me. She's either brave or nuts, I'll let you decide. 
I knew other than her team name The Stampin' Senoritas the rest was up to me and I wanted to include a UPS van - every Stampin' Up! demonstrators preferred van to an ice cream van as all their parcels are delivered via UPS.

It says on the UPS van: Delivering your Stampin' Up! goodies in brown boxes so you can keep your stash a secret'.


I also added rubber stamp block and other various bits n bobs. The photo below is of a piece I didn't use on one of the finished bags because I totally blobbed it (made a mistake) by double imaging a logo over the wording.


I wonder if the girls used them to keep their swaps etc from the day in? If you'd like to know more about Stampin' Up! and crafty stash check out Louise's blog Stampin' Delight

I'm off now to cook us a Sunday dinner (just call me Nigella) and then I shall return to the task of sorting out my fabric.

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  1. the bags look fab victoria x

  2. These are fab Vic, if only they were blues it would be almost worth changing upline for!xx

  3. Lovely bags and great pressies for any S'U! stamper! :)


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