Friday, 29 May 2015

My New Strawberry Planter

Gosh it's a miserable day out there today, the boys have requested a pyjama day and of course I said yes. We had a hectic day yesterday, trawling garden centres, outdoor crazy golf, gardening at Grandmas and all sorts so I guess I owe them a lazy day. Plus it gives me a bit of time to get things done in the house as I'm not half in half out trying to keep and eye on them.

Well yesterday I indulged in a spot of gardening - yes after we had done the full day out. You see, when we finally got home, both boys were a little over tired which generally equates to a few tantrums and generally grisly behaviour. So I left The Spark in charge and opted to duck outside and finally transfer my strawberry plants to their new home.

Here's how they were before I started:


Don't get me wrong, my plants were perfectly happy in here and they do hold some sentimental value too in that my Dad in law constructed this container and it used to live in his garden. My Dad in law was a hoarder, he refused to throw anything away he thought would be useful and often made stuff out of nothing. We will keep the container and use it for something else just as useful.

However, it is my mission to turn our garden into something we all love and for me that means bright colours and low maintenance. I saw some stacking pots at a local garden centre a while back which were fab but all pastel colours and I wanted loud and bright. I found them whilst trawling the web and LOVE them.


I opted for bright pink, blue and lime. The boys helped me bag up some soil from Grandmas garden today - she's re-done her garden and has loads we can help ourselves to which is a bonus. Stones in the base for drainage (thanks again Grandma) and then her soil and some posh bagged stuff from the garden centre - you can rate my gardening skills from the lingo eh?


My gardening 'tools' were in the garage which has a broken door and The Spark says I'm not allowed to open as I can't shut it by myself so I grabbed Blake's trowel and fork from the playroom and set about my task. Here is the finished stack, I adore it.

Still a few plants left to re-house and then the container to move, but I'll need The Spark for that as it's sooo heavy and I can only shudder as what festers beneath...spider, slugs....eeeew! 


So there you have it - the first post of, I hope many sharing my garden transformation!

If you like the pots and want to get some yourself, they are made by a company called Elho and here's one website where you can spend your lolly and get some too!!!

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