Monday, 25 May 2015

LOVE letters and a spot of gardening

Happy bank Holiday Monday. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine? Nope me neither, cloudy as anything here. The Spark has taken the mini beasts to soft play for a couple of hours leaving me to my own devices - the crazy fool! He thinks I'm busying myself doing housework and chores - not a chance - I'm in the room of craft.

Want to see one of my latest creations? I've wandered into the world of creating free
standing or wall hanging fabric letters:


Not impressed with the photographer for the photo above, looks like the silly twit nudged the table as she took the photo and sent the letter 'O' for a tipple. That would be me by the way. I think they look more impressive from this angle though as you can see the contrasting fabric around the sides better:


 And of course a close up.


The letters stand approx 8" tall and come with hook on the back too to make hanging on the wall a bit of a doddle. They are made to order, each letter in your fabric style / colour choice etc for £6.50 per letter plus postage. There's fabric on the back too so they look pretty from any perspective.

You can order them by emailing me at: or hop on over to my Facebook page for a gander.

Back to the chit chat, we decided to do a spot of gardening yesterday. OK that's putting it in really vague terms - our garden is over grown, neglected, old and pretty battered with a broken trampoline and old stuff that really needs clearing. So this year we are going to tackle it and hopefully transform it into something we love. Want to see the state of it now?

Fond gardeners, brace yourselves,it's not pretty:

It's kind of in three parts too as we are a corner plot part 1) the side of the house currently dead space occasionally used to BBQ part 2) the bit we see from the house - dead lawn, broken toys and huge overgrown trees and lots of weeds, part 3) the bit we can't see because some genius built an ugly garage in the middle of the garden before we bought the house - see - yuk!

Fear not, this hay fever suffering, arachnophobic, garden novice, runner awayer of wasps and bees is going to be brave this year and do stuff out there. And boy do I have plans so I shall keep you posted and up to date on progress, or lack of it.

I had some help yesterday from The Spark and of course Blake. We took down the old trampoline and built the new one, mowed the 'lawn'  (moss and weed ridden patch) and weeded the 'patio' (uneven area of dodgy slabs and more weeds). Below you can spot Blake with his gardening gear on going for it, whilst his older brother casually carries on playing Minecraft in the playroom!

Here is the helpful one, amidst the weeds and stuff:

And here enjoying his new trampoline!

I shall now depart the Room of Craft and quickly do the housewife thing of transforming downstairs to it's former clean and tidy self before The Spark and the Mini Beasts return to once more create chaos and mayhem.


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