Sunday, 25 January 2015

Some Party Bags and Tags and an Ikea rant

 Oh my word Ikea about insane. We go there so rarely yet when we do it's always rammed. How do other furniture shops survive? Grab a cuppa - you're going to need one as I share our visit to Ikea.

One of those frustrating trips where we'd already planned the wardrobe for the boys room to save time, but still had to queue in the wardrobe area for someone to print us off a bar code to be able to pay for part of it. Then a battle round the market place, taking every short cut known to us (through doors that aren't marked - you know the ones if you're an Ikea stealth shopper too) and through to the picking area where shock horror - two drawers are missing from Isle 19 area 8!!!
 I felt my blood boil just a little after having carefully checked stock levels before leaving home,  wondering just who had been in and purchased 52 drawer units  in the space of 43 minutes, I mean who does that? 
Thankfully sad looking individual in yellow shirt and blue trousers who looked like he'd rather be anywhere but there, asked if we were OK. I gritted my teeth, it wasn't his fault after all that some idiot had bought all 52 drawers when I only needed three of them. Ah, another chap will bring them through if you'd like to loiter?
 'Like?' not really mate, but left with little choice we waited for 10 minutes for another poor yellow clad individual to stack the shelf, with shelves in boxes from the other side.
Trolley stacked off we very slowly and painfully pushed and weaved our trolley through the Nottingham and Derby massive to edge our way closer to a till. 

Sometime later:

We made it to the till. What? 15 items maximum? No one is going to notice we have 17 are they? Really? They did, but we were let through to various tuts and groans. 

After devouring two tubs of meatballs and two lemonades we pushed said trolley over to the 'too heavy to put items on shelves in case you hurt yourselves and take us to court dept' to patiently await our corner wardrobe.

Done, loaded and on our way home without injury, although someone did attempt to steal ladders off van roof whilst we were inside - seriously? 

So endeth the Ikea rant.

Crafting -  that's why you came right? A lovely friend of mine treated her daughter to afternoon tea out with friends for her eighth birthday (how cute?) and asked me to make some party bags and tags for her to give to her guests. Sooo enjoyed making these:


Five years ago when I first joined Stampin' Up! one of my favourite colours was Pink Passion. I LOVED it. The bags I had in stock to decorate were the exact same colour and I knew that somewhere in my stash I had some Pink Passion card. Yes one last piece - how lucky? Also very enjoyable to create with. I used the Scallop Tag Topper punch to create the tag look and added papers which I can't remember the name of - sorry they're not current. The stamp set is Tea Shoppe, glad I hung onto that too as it was perfect for these tags and bags and the theme of afternoon tea,
The twine is from my stash, no idea where it's from.


I decorated the bags to match using the biggest tea cup, some sentiments out of the set and more of the designer papers.

Now please excuse me as I am off to assist The Spark in building of wardrobes, there may be some swearing so didn't listen against our door!


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  1. Victoria, have loved your last couple of blogs about Ikea. Feel your frustration, but be thankful you didn't have the kids, or like me a toddler who screamed most of the hour it took me to get there, and most of the hour back! Although he enjoyed his time at Ikea bizarrely. Also love the party bags and tags, really sweet. Keep us posted on the latest build, don't envy you as the table we built was bad enough, very brave tackling the wardrobe!

    1. thanks oodles - ooh I feel your pain, we were SO lucky that my Mum in law sat with the boys or I think I'd have ended up in a special clinic!

      I will post the wardrobe if it stays intact and attached to the wall at some point in the week! xxxx

  2. I totally love your tags and bags Vicky

    1. aw thanks oodles Susie, not something I make many of now x

  3. I like to go to IKEA during the weekdays when it isn't sooo crazy busy! The meatballs always make the trip worth it for us, lol! I hope the wardrobe is put together, and you had the appropriate tools handy. Tags and bags are super cute!!

    1. thanks so much, yes I'd normally go in the week too, but needed hubby and his van to be with me! Wardrobe is now done (yey), freezer also has several bags of meatballs in!


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