Saturday, 24 January 2015

Fabric Gift Bags and some Project Life stash too

All I can say about the last 8 days is...tonsillitis - bleaurgh!

Right, minor pity party over and done with, funnily enough whilst lying on the sofa nursing me and my tonsils better I haven't had any energy for crafting, lots of ideas running through my head which was MEGA frustrating. 

Still, I have yet more stuff I've not shared with you yet so here are some previous makes. I thought I'd showcase them today as they would make a perfect gift bag for either Valentine's Day or Mother's Day.


I adore this grey spotty linen look fabric with the complimentary red heart and trim. If you'd like to order one, all you need to do is message me at:

Today involves a trip to Ikea....I know the pain! It's not even for stuff for the Room of Craft as that is pretty much kitted out. Nope it's for the dudes bedroom, last weekend it was wallpapered, painted and then four and half hours of mine and The Sparks life disappeared building a bunk bed. YES four and a half hours. Want to see it?

Luckily it was very worth it as Zac and Blake love it to bits. Zac has called his top bunk 'The Tower' and Blake has named his 'The Hideout' mainly because there's a den behind the cupboard!

So, back to Ikea - we are getting the wardrobe / storage cupboard from there and this weekends mission is to build it and then put all their stuff away that is currently littering our bedroom, the landing and the rest of the house too!

Thing is I don't think my mind is on furniture building, whilst attached to the sofa all week, The Spark took pity on me and ordered me a little cheer up package. Check out what postie just delivered.....


I have two weeks of Project Life layouts to catch up on and cannot wait to get stuck in.


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