Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Project Life Week Two and a kids room update

Ooh blimey - I'm not sure the Nottingham weather knows what it's supposed to be doing today, cold - no, windy -  yes, cloudy? Yes a little. Freak hailstorm erm yes that was fun - ouch!!

Today I plan to relax, mainly in the Room of Craft as I haven't spend much time in here recently, mainly due to the whole tonsillitis episode and 'Destroy It Yourself' adventures in Zac and Blake's bedroom, which by the way is sooo close to being finished.

So I have the heating on just in case the temperature takes a nose dive, which depending on which weather forecast you listen to is likely any second now followed by a foot or two of snow, freezing conditions, bright sunshine and sleet with possible rain. Really? I find looking out of the window my personal forecasting tool. Although - did you ever see the weather stone forecast? keep reading and I'll share at the end.

Right then, Project Life Week Two -done!


Found myself needing two sides for this one, so much going on. Blake was VERY excited to discover his first wobbly tooth, clearly he whittled away at it as 24 hours later it fell out, one happy little boy trying to stay awake to stalk the tooth fairy, ha, parental victory!

The cloud and thunder card is so apt for me, I am a TOTAL snow stalker (yes really) and if one flake of the fluffy stuff floats by me or my window I have this awful habit of phoning The Spark immediately to inform him, so much so that he calls me Snow Watch. He loves my significant interruptions to his working day - see today he's already had 'Blimey you should have seen the hail babes.....'. It's not like he works in a different country or doesn't have windows where he works, I just get SUPER excited about it. That explains the inclusion of my snap of said week two snow falling (it didn't stick incidentally).

Then there was the great wallpaper debate, all very tense.

Next I HAD to pop a picture in that Zac's friend Darcy drew for him at school this week, it's so cute. It's a full A4 sheet but I folded it to fit in a 4x4 pocket. It's a drawing of Zac and underneath it says 'Zac is my best friend because he plays with me'. 1, 2, 3..aah. Also come cute pics of Blake and his bestie Sophia too.

Sad food shots I know but I'm trying to eat healthy so a nice reminder that I can make an effort and churn out a healthy meal or three will hopefully spur me back to plan later in the year when I look back.

Do you like my printed journaling? I used a 6" x 4" card and printed directly on it - so easy to do, If you've not tried it, just set your word doc page layout to 6" x 4", type away and print.


Obligatory close ups:


Now about the weather stone, not seen it? Want to see it?


Good isn't it? I'm off to finish my week three pages now, enjoying listening to Happy by Pharrell, followed by a bit of - just my mood today.

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