Sunday, 11 January 2015

Happy new Year and getting cracking with Project Life

It's official I have decided I am in fact a really lazy blogger! It's not that i don't want to blog or that I don't have the time - it's just I'm lazy, not sure how I fix that to be honest ha ha!

So it's Sunday and the kids are playing nicely, hubby is currently causing disruption to the whole street, noisily drilling through the kitchen wall to FINALLY fit our kitchen extractor fan. It's OK we've only been here seven years now!

I'm upstairs in the room of craft planning and plotting stuff to do in here. thing is I came up here to do some project life pages and to blog and as always I got distracted by on-line chats and Facebook catch ups etc, it was fun though. It's 11.26 and I'm still in my PJ's but then it's Sunday so what do I care?

Right then, Project Life, this year I am determined to journal EVERYTHING! My project life pages might not look pretty but for me they are all about capturing life before it escapes me - I'll be 44 this year and I can tell you my memory ain't what it used to be. Without further ado, here is 2015 week one in the life of Jelly:


I've just done a single page as I didn't take lots of photos, actually that's a fib, I did but they are nearly all of the boys in their onesies. I've been super brave and added a selfie pic of me. mainly because I've made a resolution to look after myself more this year and I think it will be fun to be able to look back and see myself changing (she typed optimistically).

I've added oodles of journalling too - the selfie is on the front of a card so lots of stuff in there about what we did this week, how I felt about the boys going back to school after the Christmas break etc. I even added my weight! Aargh - planning to track it week on week!


The cards I've used this week are from Becky Higgins Kiwi Edition Core Kit - just in case you wanted to know!

Right I'm off - got to start cooking a nice stew for dinner tonight - might even see it in next weeks pages.

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