Friday, 16 January 2015

Now for something different - Jelly does cooking!

Cor it's all happening here. 

Zac's been a bit under the weather and yesterday morning I got a call from school to bring him home as he wasn't feeling well and was upset. Long story short after a while he got worse so I took him to the Doctor and my poor lad has a middle ear infection which got so bad it perforated his ear drum. He's reacting really well to the antibiotics and has happily gone into school today.

 Also this morning after a night of very little sleep (I never sleep well when one of my boys is poorly and with me in bed), I wake up to a dose of tonsillitis. One of these days the Doc will actually refer me to get them taken out as I get it three or four times a year now. 

Well there's your update on me - still here? Right then, I haven't managed to squeeze in any crafting since I last posted but I have been getting creative in the kitchen and trying out some new recipes. If you read my week one Project Life post you'll know I'm on a bit of a mission to shift some of my excess baggage and as a result I'm making a few Slimming World recipes and generally looking after myself a bit more. 

I found a recipe on Pinterest which looked a bit tasty and figured it looked simple enough so here we go with my first post of "Jelly does cooking" with Cheesy Meatball Pasta Bake.

Let's start by sharing the link to the recipe and how to by A Matter of Choice. Next, here's my version. Check me out all posh and that with my Tablet in the kitchen surrounded by herbs and spices. I adapted the recipe by the way - I HAVE to add smoked paprika to all manner of dishes and this was no exception. Here you can see me being all chef like making up the meatball mix.


The recipe quoted 20 meatballs but they would have been ma-hoosive so I ended up with a whole lot more than that. If you're wondering and I bet you're not but I'll share anyway, you can buy low fat pork mince from Tesco.


They don't look too shabby do they?
Now the sauce making - I do have a tip for you (I know!) and that's to cook your onions low and slow as you'll get oodles more flavour out of them that way. 


Ta-dah! Food for the family, healthy and pretty damn tasty it was too. According to three of us, Blake with his food phobia managed some plain pasta and cheese with a slice of garlic bread which actually is pretty adventurous for him as he's always declined pasta before. I did have a sneaky chat with the school chef to see what he eats or tries at school so I could mirror some of the cooking at home.


Now I'm off to dose myself up and get back to my task for the day of clearing the boys bedroom.  Their new bunk bed has been delivered today and tomorrow is decorating day......

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