Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Reason My Sky Plus Box died.....

Morning on another bright and sunny day. I'm excited today as my MIL is coming round to babysit and we're off out for a double celebration. My lovely downline Tracy's husband celebrates his birthday on Wednesday and I'm celebrating my 40th on Thursday so we're having a joint night out tonight and we're off out for a meal and then to the concert hall to see comedian Mickey Flanagan. I've made a couple of cards for Dean and this is the one from me and James:

It's a nice large card using Crumb Cake for the base with a layer of patterned paper from Woodland Walk. I've used shimmery white card and then masked off the base of the pedestal stamp from On a Pedestal and instead of cupcakes I've layered up the pint glass from Cheers to You. Well, cupcakes are a bit girly aren't they? I've shaded the images with markers and layered up on Soft Suede. The sentiment is also from Cheers to You but I cut out just the word 'cheers' and mounted it in a frame from the Hodgepodge kit.

I've decorated the inside of this one too:

The sentiment is double stamped in Soft Suede using Just Perfect Alpha to help Dean feel like he's already been celebrating and then I inked up a foam circle and randomly stamped it around in an attempt to make it look like a beer glass had been sat on the card. Remember you still have a few days left to buy both the Shimmery White card and the HodgePodge kit on offer this month!

So on to the tale of my Sky+ box. It's not been working very well recently. We could watch tellybox but not actually record anything. So several phone calls to Sky later we established what the problem was. Let me introduce you to Exhibit A:

And I quote 'see what your problem is here Mum, you need to take the scart lead out of the X-box and attach it to the shopping trolley, then we could take out those red, blue, yellow and green connector cable things and maybe give them a bit of a chew.....'

Moving on to Exhibit B:

....'right Zac, here's the plan. You hold the tellybox bench and keep watch whilst I start removing the cables and reinserting them in to the shopping trolley, I reckon we can sort this out before Mum makes that cup of coffee.......'

Turns out Blake had 'loosened' the record input cable. I use the term 'loosened' in the vaguest possible sense. He'd pulled it out and yanked the end off it. Wait until I share his latest household adventure with you!

Back tomorrow.

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  1. Hehehe boys will be boys! Love your card... it's awesome!

  2. Hee hee, the joys of motherhood eh.I remember the day I caught my youngest putting his jam dandwich (we are really posh in Hull lol) into the video recorder.
    Great cards BTW.
    Lynne xxx

  3. Super card, I'm sure Dean will love it. As for the boys, Blake is obviously taking after daddy and going to be a sparkey....lol


  4. Hahah love the drunken card! And your little TV technicians are adorable!

  5. Rofl omg they certainly got caught red handed. Happy 40th birthday, love your beer card, didn't think to stack the mugs up like that. Hugs Donna x

  6. First your card made me LOL, such a clever idea with the beer mugs instead of cupcakes....and then your TV story made me giggle....reminds me of the time my daughter hid my keys and we found them months later under the floor central heating vent....gotta love kids!

  7. have they been round my house too?? my box isnt recording either at the moment......


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