Friday, 19 October 2012

Stampin' Up! Clockworks

 Oops, missed a few days blogging - bad Jelly.

 I'll make up for it today by sharing a set of five cards. In September I went to Stampin' Up! Leadership training with one of my teamies Nic. We were excited to be given a stamp set on the day. BUT - a stamper can't love every stamp set she gets and this was one of those rare sets that really doesn't float my boat. Determined to put it to good use I have looked at it often and not had any inspiration to use it. Despite being given make and take instructions from Stampin' Up! I know - put Jelly in the naughty corner and take away all her craft toys.....

So finally inspiration struck - as I browsed through a famous stationery store website I saw something to put my own slant on and came up with these:


The stamp set is called Clockworks and has eight stamps including background images as well as the clockwork pieces. My cards are 4" square and all I've done is stamp the images on to scraps of card and cut or punch them out.

I stamped a few clock hands on the card itself too.

Here is a close up of the card. You can imagine how someone more inky could make some great grungy or vintage projects with these stamps.


It's half term next week so I'm going to have to try to smuggle in some crafting whilst occupying the mini beasts at the same time. Could be interesting.

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  1. Well, clock a look at this fab set. (Sorry, love a cheesy pun.) so, come out of the corner. You know you can do it... X


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