Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Stampin' Up! Vienna Incentive Trip Day 1

There are going to be lots of photos from me over the next few days of the wonderful trip to Vienna! Hope you enjoy them. This post shows some of what we experienced on the first day. Firstly a photo taken in the hotel from the lobby:

In the evening we were invited up to Le Ciel restaurant on the 7th floor over the hotel. It has an amazing view of the city from it's outdoor terrace and is know as one of Vienna's best known gourmet restaurant's. Just check out the canopies! (I have lifted this photo from Jo's blog)

Here are Natalie, Hayley, Jules and Jo enjoying the evening sun with a mocktail or 3:

Once we sat down we saw one of these at our places: A lovely letter from Shelli and the menu for the evening (the name badge had been given to me earlier)

Here is the menu for you to oggle. It was all so delicious, sadly I can't eat fish or shellfish so I asked the waiter if I could skip the course. He offered to replace the trout with rabbit or something. To this I looked horrified and said 'something would be lovely. On reflection and with a quip from Mon, I'm pretty sure that my 'chicken' was actually bunny!!

Each table had a beautiful display of fresh flowers, I adore avalanche roses as they hold a very special place in my heart, had to take a photo:

Can you believe these gorgeous treats were brought out with coffees AFTER dessert? We were too full to eat them at our table but enjoyed naming them as beef spread sandwich, meatball, burger, cheese on toast, mud pie etc. So wished I had a doggie bag for that lot!

Love this photo of Jo, Natalie, Zoe and Julie.

And this photo of myself with Natalie (my Stampin' Up! Great Grandma!)

To finish with a photo of nearly all the UK achievers, Shelli, Paula and my guest and down line Tracy. Sadly Kerry and Hayley had already retired for the evening when this was taken:

Left to right: Amanda, Natalie, Shelli, Paula, me, Michelle, Tracy, Zoe, Monica, Jules and Bekka.

I'm really hoping someone sends me a photo of me in my shoes, the only one I have won't post the right way up!

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