Thursday, 21 June 2012

Stampin' Up! Announces NEW Incentive Trip!

Oh my word, can you believe Stampin' Up! has already announced the next incentive trip? As a special treat I got to see a sneak preview of this fabulous destination.........

So let me share with you the adventures of Hank Theroux and his trip of a lifetime to the Grand 'Otel Elm Grove!!!

Hank Theroux arrived with excitement at his destination. His excitement is short lived however when he is dumped at the door of his quality accommodation:

No one to assist with Hank's luggage here. First stop after unpacking - the hospitality suite. Plenty of candy to munch on:

After a serious sugar rush and a few prizes on spin the wheel, Hank decided to head for a wash. At least the bathroom facilities were to his liking:

Wo-hoo two baths - what a treat for such a small monkey! Time for bed now, Hank is very tired, he is pleased with the 'Otel Elm Grove's turn down service, he got his favourite chocolate bar:

Next day Hank heads off for a tour of Nottingham and stops off at a classy joint for a cake baking class. He gets to bring home his cakes, cooked with his own two paws and no assistance whatsoever from the chef! he even brings back a souvenir oven glove. Cheeky monkey!

Hank heads off to bed after a busy day cooking and walking around Nottingham. Imagine his delight when he returns to his executive suite to find a pillow gift awaits him:

What a fabulous surprise, it will come in useful too as the concierge at 'Otel Elm Grove does not include ironing service. At least Hank can step out of bed onto a lovely clean mat and pop his slippers on:

Very hungry the next morning, Hank heads down to breakfast. Nothing like the 5* delights of 'Otel Elm Grove:

So if you too would like to join me in all the delights 'Otel Elm Grove has to offer, just ask me about becoming a Stampin' Up! demonstrator and joining Team Jelly!

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  1. Great Idea, i like to visit this fabulous hotel. The sweets and breakfast sounds so good!

    1. Flights here are cheap Jenni, you are welcome anytime!

  2. LOL very clever!!! Now see what an influence me and George Clueknee have over you!!! Zx

  3. Thanks for making me laugh Victoria - love the trip to a high class cake emporium! Jo x

  4. Nice one, love the use of all the hotel and su freebies. Didn't he visit a classy place to bake his own cake.... so xx


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