Saturday, 23 June 2012

Stampin' Up! Jelly's Adventures in Vienna - Day 3 Part 1

Wow day three - what a day to remember and save for the rest of my life! So much so that I'm going to have to blog it in two parts. Sadly my roomie Tracy wasn't feeling up to venturing out during the day so I tagged along with some of the other UK demos and their guests.

Firstly we explored a few of the shops in the immediate vicinity of our hotel. Top left, myself with the smashing Jo posing outside a VERY expensive shoe shop (sighs). The next shop sign made me giggle, not spelt the same way as my Zac but had to snap it anyhoo. Then a view of the main shopping area and Jules and Zoe chatting with Jules' hubby Robin in the background.

Next a group shot: Julie, Pete, Natalie, Zoe, Monica and Robin. I honestly have no idea where Jules disappeared to here! Although I was tempted by the yummy looking cakes in this shop, I held back. And good job too because after a spot of sightseeing and a lot of getting lost whilst the others went off on their segways, myself and the fabby Zoe found Zanoni and Zanoni - an ice cream shop that had been recommended by family Tant! Bonus when you find something you weren't actually looking for. In fact we were looking for sparkly hair clips which we did find and ended up with some hair too. More about that later!

Some of the buildings in Vienna are just out of this world, I spent most of my time walking looking up instead of where I was going. Luckily for me, Zoe was looking ahead. Below is the incredible Gothic St Stephen's Cathedral. Oh and in the centre Pete and Robin. Weren't they lucky to get to accompany 6 ladies viewing the shops? On the right the beautiful Secession Art Nouveau Gallery.

Now isn't it funny that no matter where you end up on your travels you always manage to find something so familiar?

Whilst Zoe got her camera at the ready after having double dared me to leap into the back of the oh so familiar UPS truck, I risked life and limb to cross the road and attempt my dare. I failed - not one but three Mr UPS men unloading and not a single Stampin' Up! parcel in the van. Gutted! Still I managed to pose for a quick pic.

I soon cheered up when we stumbled across aforementioned ice cream lushness of Zanoni and Zanoni:

Zoe had a chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cup whilst I went all out with a Cherry Brandy Sundae. I may not have been able to walk straight afterwards but hey it was worth it!

After exploring Vienna some more I decided we were in fact lost. Zoe was not of the same opinion and told me she knew exactly where we were (yeah righto Mrs Wonka!). About 2 hours later my confidence in her navigation skills started to fade and I worried I wouldn't get back to the hotel to shower and change and generally tart self up for evening ahead. Even more so when we asked some locals how to get back to the Grand Hotel Wien and they could not answer! Our 5th victim / advisor finally suggested we get in a taxi. We were only 3km from the advice folks - carry a map at all times!

Next, back to the hotel for more spin the wheel and a sugar fix in the hospitality room. I didn't take a photo in here for some reason so have pinched these from Mon's blog!

Back tomorrow with photos from the Gala night.

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  1. I missed that ice cream parlour, your boozy treat looked fab!!! loved Zoe's comment on her blog of you zig zag walking after having it LOL

  2. I so did zig zag - proper tipsy I was!


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