Friday, 29 April 2011

If Jelly Did Royal Weddings.....

I'm sure I'd make a card like this:

This is my version of Will and Kate! I've seen so many versions of owl punch bride and grooms and had to make mine today to commemorate the special event! I've used just the owl punch for the majority, cutting the top hat by hand. the bunting is made using the star punch. Thought rather than putting a wedding sentiment on I'd go with Party This Way to make it more fun. There are tons of street parties taking place today. The last time I went to one was ahem.......1977 for the Silver Jubilee! Makes me feel old knowing I watched Will's parents get married too!

James is home today and is going to occupy Zac and Stunt Baby whilst I get some work done. Of course I'll be taking breaks to watch a bit of the wedding too!

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  1. Fab card Victoria-so cute.
    Lynn x

  2. Hi Darling I love your card, the wedding owls look like they had a bit of a night on the town last night !! ha ha
    Hope you and the guys have a lovely day
    Hugs Susie xx

  3. Another great card Victoria, very cute.

    Hugs xxx

  4. Haha, this is so cool, just loving these owls!

    Vicki x

  5. LOL, I was just thinking the happy couple look like they've had one too many! lol, sooo cute :)

  6. Wow, so totally cute :) Love it!

  7. Superb Victoria! these have made me giggle!

  8. These are just cute, I absolutely adore them! I hope the 'twoo' of them have a wonderful life together!


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