Monday, 20 October 2014

New Home Card and a Sneak Peek too!

Let's just pretend we blinked and missed the last four weeks and I've been here all along! 
Moving on swiftly then........

I've spent the last few days helping my Mum in Law move house, it's so exciting as she is now literally 2 mins walk around the corner. The mini beasts are thrilled as Granny isn't just close by - she lives next door to the park and a minute walk from their school too. The move was an experience for many reasons, emotional as she needed to move after my Dad in Law passed away leaving the house way too big for her and also my husband was born in the house and grew up there, I lived there too! We had a loft conversion built above the house and had many happy years there - until Zac came along and we had to move out and find somewhere bigger.

Anyhoo, a new home requires a new home card right? If found my desk folks and on there I found ink, papers and stamps - bonus!


Stampin' Up! fans be happy - I've used mainly SU products on here. Actually everything with the exception oft he house and main sentiment stamp are from Stampin' Up! See you can take the girl away from Stampin' Up! but......

The other stamps were freebies off the front of a magazine - I know, cheeky eh? I did have to adapt the card, it only had the new home sentiment on it to start with but then disaster struck and the removal chap with his van didn't turn up. I turned all detective like and tracked him down and he turned up oodles of hours too late - so by the time we'd got her moved in to her new abode it was late and dark. So a quick addition of the Project life sentiment above was needed. Actually I think it completes the card, it was missing a little something.

Here are some close ups for you detail junkies:


Now then, as you know I'm also sharing here my passion for fabric and sewing and on the 'house' theme here's a little glimpse at a project I've not quite finished yet....


Hopefully I'll find time to finish it later today and be able to share it tomorrow. to see more of my day to day stuff and creations, why not have a look and a like of my new crafty Facebook page?

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