Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Fabric House Doorstop and Ladder Stitch Tutorial

Today I would simply like to stick my tongue out to the British weather and pull faces at it!
 But I'm a grown up so I probably shouldn't set bad examples for my children, one of whom is snuggled down on the sofa a little bit poorly.

So let's ignore the wind and the rain and enjoy a spot of creativity. I'm ready to share the project I gave you a sneak peek of yesterday. A fabric house doorstop:


I'm kind of in love with it! It stands about 9" high and 7.5" wide and the fabrics are just so scrummie.
Here are a few different angles.


I'll be selling these at events and fairs for £20. If you'd like to order one and have it posted, the cost of postage via My Hermes will be £5.28 due to it weighing 3 kilogrammes.

I can make them in different fabrics and colours and will be doing Christmas gingerbread house style ones soon too.

I've been asked a few times how I close up the seams neatly on my sewing projects so I thought I might as well help you out there.

I use a hand stitch called 'ladder stitch' or 'invisible stitch'. The first few times can be a little tricky but persevere and it gets much easier I promise.

I hope these photos help to explain it - The large photo on the left shows the seam after I've stitched it - the others show how to fold in your fabric and pin it in place. Sew straight from the front edge to the back - keeping your needle beneath the top edge of the fabric. Then pop your needle diagonally toward the front edge and bring through on the edge of your fabric. If your needle pops through below the edge you will see the stitch. Pull tightly to close after a couple of stitches.


Hope that helps some of you. If you'd like to order any of my fabric makes or kits to make yourself, please email me at:


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