Friday, 23 October 2015

Trendy Trees Fabric Pop Up Bins

Do you know one of my favourite stamp sets when I first discovered Stampin' Up! was Trendy Trees (wish I still had it). So imagine my delight when I was asked to make four of my fabric desk tidies with tree fabric. I knew just the right fabric as I've  used it before on other projects and it really reminds me of the stamp set.

Here are the first two - Stampin' Up! fans may recognise the retired ribbon!


And the next two - only one change and I fancied using a different colour ribbon.


Here they are all together with one folded down with the elastic so you can see how easy they are to store or transport to your craft events.  Mind you I am sure they could have other uses. What would you use one for?


These are available to order (UK only) in your choice of fabric theme and colours. Just email me at:

or visit my facebook page:

It's the last day of school today before the half term break and both my boys are certainly ready for it, they were both struggling to get up this morning and Blake will be late home as the infant school are having a disco when the day ends. Hopefully that means a little lie in for me in the morning....nah, who am I trying to kid, my boys have no concept of a sleep in. Maybe we'll have a cosy snuggle family day instead, it's been a while since all of us were home for a day together.

Enjoy your weekend.
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