Monday, 31 August 2015

Sew it Yourself Kits are back

Happy Bank Holiday - is it raining where you are too? Luckily we had planned to all chill out at home today and do our own thing and then a fun meal out this evening.

So many of you are now getting into sewing or wanting some sewing made simple so I'm relaunching my Sew It Yourself Kits with new prices.

I have three available at the moment with many more in the pipeline. The kits are great value as they come in a gorgeous gift bag - so perfect for crafty friends or children and they contain full step by step photo instructions, pre-cut fabrics so no cutting or pinning and stuffing too. All you need to add are a needle and thread (and scissors for thread) or a sewing machine. All the kits are suitable for both hand or machine sewing.

Let's start with the kit my little Blake helped me to design by drawing a picture for me. This is Roarsome the Monsta:


Shown here in Red and Green. He's just £9.50 plus postage. You can sew the pre cut elements where you like on him to change up his look!

Next the Sew it Yourself Owl Kit:


This one is super easy to put together and is available in other colour ranges too. Hootie is just £5.50 plus postage.

And thirdly my Sew it Yourself Christmas Owl Kit:


I forgot to pop his Santa hat on when I took this photo so here's a whole load of them made up:


These festive fellas are also £5.50 plus postage. Can't wait until my Handmade at Amazon shop opens as these will be available there. For now you can order by emailing me at:

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  1. what a great idea - perfect gifts for crafters all of ages x


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