Friday, 28 August 2015

Making a Titanic Birthday Cake

So back in July Blake turned 6. He didn't want a party as he had asked to visit the Train Museum in York instead. I decided however that I'd make him a cake regardless as we were having a few friends for tea and then he could share the rest at school.

 At this point I wasn't worried as I imagined he'd be asking for a Thomas the Tank Engine cake - my preferred option as this would entail no baking and a short trip to the supermarket to but a ready made one. I was however fully expecting him to ask for a Minecraft themed cake, I'd prepped it in my head and spent a good few hours on Pinterest scoping out other such themed cakes. I'd even sourced where to buy a square cutter and green icing from - I'm no cake decorator or baker but was happy to give it a go. 

Imagine my horror when two days BEFORE said birthday, small boy asked for a Titanic cake. I offered to correct his slip of the tongue and asked if he meant to say Minecraft. No Mummy, was his determined reply - I want a Titanic cake. Great I thought, can't see me grabbing one of those off the shelf in Tesco.

I somehow managed to create the scene shortly before Titanic hit the rather huge iceberg.  At one point however, I was going to present him with a blue cake with a lump of white icing on it and declare that Titanic had indeed already sunk. Figured this might disappoint small boy somewhat.

I panicked and set about re examining Pinterest for Titanic cakes, these were my two favourites for very different reasons:

I was still panicking however, one baking is not my strong point, two cake decorating is not my strong point. So I started Googling like a woman possessed and to my delight found a Titanic model kit at Hobbycraft for just £2.50 (life saver) and a ready to decorate chocolate cake from Asda.

Building the Titanic. For just £2.50 the kit instructions demanded a lot and said I'd need a hammer, glue, sand paper, nails and paint. Erm no, an emery board some glue and my kids paint did just fine thanks!


The cake and my ready coloured, ready to roll icing too:


I had some alphabet cutters from Zac's naming day cakes. All I added extra were candles and a sparkler. Job's a good 'un.


Luckily Blake loved it and was even happier as the Titanic hadn't sunk and he got to keep it as a toy to play with. Unexpected cake bonus.


I only have 4 more months to wait and see what Zac wants on his next Birthday Cake!


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