Saturday, 7 February 2015

Shabby Chic Style Fabric Hearts

Happy Saturday to you. 

Today I officially have escapage! The mini beasts have just left the house with The Spark for a fun filled morning of soft play (for them that is, otherwise known as torture for The Spark) and lunch out. I've done my household chores already, but then I have been up since ridiculous o'clock thanks to my children's desire to wake up and play with their toys in a super noisy fashion whilst still dark outside. It was worthwhile though, after several intakes of caffeine I was even in the Room of Craft before 7am.

I'm a bit excited to share with you the start of my new range of shabby chic style hanging fabric hearts. Here's the first of many designs:


To know me is to know I like to partake in a tipple or two so this is one of my personal favourites and will take pride of place in my home somewhere!

Each heart is backed with beautiful polka dot fabric coordinating with the front.


And finished with a cute tag if you are giving your heart as a gift.


Each heart is approximately 5.5" in height (without the hanging loop) and I can personalise with anything you like so long as the wording isn't subject to Trademark or Copyright.

The cost is £4.50 plus postage - if you'd like to order for Valentine's Day, please don't delay with your order due to postage times. Ordering is simple - just drop me an email to:

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