Sunday, 8 February 2015

More Shabby Chic Fabric Hearts and a Fab Family Walk with Treasure

Today (so far) has been what I can only call a perfect family day.

 No plans were made, we've just made it up as we went along. A small sleep in - if you can call sleeping until 6.30am a sleep in but trust me with my kids that's a real treat! Followed by short cuddles on the sofa, light breakfast and oodles of coffee (don't panic the dudes had juice).

After grabbing some warm clothes it was a super quick nip to the supermarket to grab a few supplies and then off to The Hobbucks which is a local open space / wildlife haven. So muddy but so much fun, the dudes didn't complain once about achy legs or being tired, they just enjoyed exploring, especially when we came across a chap digging - my boys aren't in any way shy and rocked straight up to him to ask what he was doing. He gave just the reply they wanted to hear 'I'm digging for treasure boys'. He was too, digging for old bottles, antique glass medicine bottles and stuff. He took great joy in showing the boys what he'd found so far and then showed them how glass marbles were used to seal the lids. He really made their day when he handed them a glass marble each from some broken bottles, the boys felt they had their own treasure to bring home with them.

Talking of treasure, here are some more of my shabby chic style fabric hearts to share with you:


They are the same as yesterday but with different phrases on!


With the spotty dotty reverse. these make me happy!


They cost £4.50 each plus postage, to order please email me at:

Want to see some pics of our walk? Couldn't have wished for a better day, clear skies and the warmest temperature we've had in weeks. No snow although lots of frozen ground still.

When you reach the top of Hobbucks View there is a plaque showing you which Nottingham landmarks to look our for including Wollaton Hall (Batman's home if you watched the latest Batman films and even the Power Station - or the Steam factory as Blake prefers to call it!

These photos will be featuring in Week 6 of my Project life album! After our walk we called in at my Mum in Laws as she had some friends staying we hadn't seen for over a year and as a treat The Spark's brother in law was there too, he'd driven up from London this morning. Back home and we've had brunch, done the chores and everyone's doing their own thing now - perfect.

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  1. What a lovely day out with the boys. You couldn't have planned it any better. I'm loving the shabby chic things you are making at the moment. I always followed your blog when you were doing the Stampin Up stuff you gave me so much inspiration .


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