Thursday, 22 May 2014

Stampin' Up! Tidy Up Time

I'm stopping mid clear out to share with you what a mess The Room of Craft has got into recently:


I swear I had nothing to do with it - it just happened all by itself! So far I've attacked the side of the room you can't see on the photo. Actually when I say I've attacked it, I've been mainly on my hands and knees picking up 'rubbish' and 'recycling' - things in boxes and bags I thought at some point I would need when actually I don't! 

So I shall continue with operation 'Save The Room of Craft' for the rest of the day so that tomorrow I can get in here and get creating as we have a new Stampin' Up! catalogue coming soon and there's tons of stuff in the current catalogue I haven't used yet!!!

How often do you have to tidy up your craft space / room? Are you as bad as me? Please tell me I'm not alone?


PS - it's a good job I'm not showing you a photo of my bedroom - next job is to tackle clean washing mountain!!!!
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  1. Love your blog and your courage for bravely sharing your craft room. For the record…no, you're not alone. I should be tidying instead of checking out my favourite blogs. :-)


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