Monday, 24 October 2011

Adventures of Jelly and Fluffy

Yesterday I had a stand at the Nottingham Max Paper Craft show and was accmpanied by my buddy Fluffy. Here are a few photos of my stand - before the crowds arrived. We had the make and take and demo areas in the middle, displays at one end and retired stamps for sale at the opposite end.

One of the display areas:

And yes I added the letter 'I' before the show opened. That's what happens when you're making your displays late at night the night before! The other display area:

Here's the make and take, inspired by one a swap that Jules had made. Fluffy ran the make and take for me and was distraught no one knew who she was (more about that in a bit).

And here's the project I demo'd - it's a class by Jenny Moors and uses the gorgeous Mocha Morning papers:

The cards and inside:

Then the fun really started, a couple of crafting ahem 'celebs' (NOT myself and Fluffy I might add) attended the show and their table was set up in front of my stand. We had much fun standing on chairs and sticking up two fingers to make bunny ears whilst folks posed for their photos. Sadly I'm yet to see any successful bunny ears on facebook or twitter! But I did get this shot of our Fluff hyperventilating in shock behind the stand 'cos the crowds weren't asking to have their photo taken with Fluff n Jelly:

When she finally dragged herself up we had a photo taken of us!

I cropped it so you can't see my cake layer! To finish I thought I'd better share a pic of one of the celebs. I've covered up the ladies faces as I didn't get permission off them to blog this. Can you spot the Fluffster in the background holding up a Stampin' Up! sign?

 Thanks to everyone who came to visit the stand - was lovely to see you all.


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  1. Looks like you had a great day, Jo x

  2. Is that really why I was hyperventilating?! I can't BELIEVE only one person knew who I was. I got out of bed at 7.17am for goodness sake! So rude. xxx

  3. looks fab Victoria! It is massive!! Loving your latest creations too - great stuff! :) x

  4. How fabulous Victoria. Glad you had a great time. Hugs x

  5. Looks like you had a brilliant time - was a bit too far for me to come but I would have liked to have bagged a goodie bag and maybe some retired stamps

  6. WOW: Your displays look fabulous! I hope you had a great day.

    Alex x


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