Monday, 23 November 2015

Making Sock Snowmen with the Boys

Ooh ...squeals a little bit.
 I have had the most fun weekend, doing family stuff.
Honestly I have to share it with you as it's been just lovely. It all started when Zac woke up at ridiculous o'clock on Saturday morning as he thought it was much later than 5.15am...yes seriously. 
Fear not, I immediately escorted him back to bed from his cosy corner on the sofa and insisted he stay there until he could see daylight. It almost worked.
On my way back to my room I couldn't  resist a sneak peek out of the window, I'm a bit of a snow stalker. In fact to some I am known not as Jelly but as Snow Watch. 
Guess what? It had been snowing!

Sadly it had all melted by the time the boys woke up later on. So, the Spark went off to work and the boys and I played a bit before a friend took Zac to a birthday party leaving Blake and I to our own devices. We were very well behaved and did all the chores. Chores are fun with Blake. Even hanging up the washing. I love that he got excited about it. He was sucking a sweetie lolly pop and running back and forth from the lounge (where I was with laundry bag) to the radiator in the hall way one sock at a time. Love how it had to be a single sock journey and how cutely he shook each one into shape before popping it over the radiator to dry.

Anyway the cuteness continued all weekend. The Spark treated us all to a lunch out on Sunday and when we got home .......and here's the craft bit...... we looked at what creative homework Zac wanted to do.

Are you ready for the squeal?  He chose to make a Christmas decoration and write instructions on how he did it. 

Here he is chopping up socks, clean new ones, not the ones his little brother spent a good 20 minutes hanging up to dry. 

Hmm, the photos aren't in the right order, never mind. Pretend you can't see the next one on the left where he's writing up the instructions as he actually did that last!


Using a Stampin' Up! ink pad and dauber to add rosy cheeks and then drawing on eyes with a Sharpie.


Blake helped too, he made the one with the red hat on. 


I took photos as they made their snowmen, planning to use for Project Life when I finally catch up and printed some off for Zac to use along with his instructions. I admit I made the concertina card for him but he did write the instructions himself. 


My favourite bit? Afterwards when he sat back to admire his creation he said 'Mummy, when I get my instructions back from school at the end of term can I keep them please?'. Me: 'of course you can'. 'Good Mummy, I need to keep them safe so that when I'm a grown up and I want to make another one I'll have the instructions ready to use'.

Ps - want to see the snow? It's not the best photo as I wasn't really awake and it was obviously still dark:


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