Thursday, 3 September 2015

Decorated Mirror and the Mystery Tool in the Cupboard


Oh my word my house is TOO quiet, the boys both went back to school today, Blake into year 2 and Zac starting Junior school in year 3. They were both so excited to go back, look:

Personally, I'm clock watching waiting for the time I can walk up to their schools to bring them back home. I literally transformed from 'Summer Holiday Mum' to 'Cleaning Demon' today. I don't think I ever clean the house well when the boys are in it - there seems little point as it's seconds before they destroy it again. But today proper tickled me as I found something I didn't know I had. Well I knew I had it, I just had no idea what it was for or how to use it. Bit like the first time I looked at my sewing machine!

This thing:

No I'm not entirely clueless, I knew it was part of my Dyson cleaner and I've had it for years. Wow... it's a stair attachment. Now it's not just for using flat as shown in the photo, at least I don't think it is, it's not like I spent a couple of hours on Pinterest or You Tube trying to figure it out (I didn't if you're wondering), it just came to me. Turn it upside down and it gets right into the crevice things, you know where the carpet meets skirting board and carpet meets carpet in awkward 'L' shaped un-cleanable bit where step meets up riser? I'm not being very technical or helpful I'm sure but I had to share as my stairs carpet looks new. Honestly, I bet when you finish reading this you too start to dive through your under stairs cupboard, or wherever you stash your 'cleaning' things to see if you have one.

Moving on swiftly to some crafty goodness. 

At the start of August Hubby treated me to go along to a crafty retreat hosted by the lovely Cal of Heartfully Yours. I was super lucky as my friend Louise was not only my roomie, but my taxi and my endless supply of giggles throughout the weekend and boy did she put up with some distractions from me whilst she was trying to craft.Anyhoo, she also treated me to one of Cal's classes which was this mirror to decorate along with fabby instructions and kit. Except I wanted to use the kit stuff for another project and used my own stuff on instead. Ta Da:

I also discovered today that you have to work hard to get a decent photo of a mirror without a) getting yourself or camera reflected, spoiling said creation and b) careful what you place mirror opposite as quite frankly no one wants to see a pile of small child's laundry ready to go downstairs.

I used another scrap book kit I picked up from Home Sense by My Minds Eye, a right steal at just £5. It meant the only thing I had to concentrate on was following the instructions to measure and cut the patterned paper. All the embellishments were in the kit so it was cut and stick all the way for me.

I'll be back tomorrow with some sewing.

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